Flashback Friday 11.18.11

A nice warm hello from Florida!

I say that because back home, I am told, it is cold, windy, with snow flurries. We are having a great time celebrating our anniversary and dreaming about what the next year will hold for us. We are at the coast now (Atlantic side) and as I am thinking about what I will share with you, I hear the surf crashing as it hits the beach and the wind as it whips around and through our open balcony door. What an amazing sound that God gave us to enjoy.

So I thought since it was my Anniversary I would show you something that I found to surprise Mr Man a few years back. We love it!!!!

I was looking for something that I could put over our front door that would have meaning and so I googled “wall words”, “wall quotes”,  and “wall art”. I am not for sure anymore but I believe I found this particular one on Etsy.com. It is a great place to find unique things!

I also thought I would share the one below that is in our dining room over a bay window. Especially since it is almost Thanksgiving and there is nothing like having family to share your life with. My wish and prayer is that everyone has someone special to be with this Holiday season!

I love sharing my life and the things that bring me joy. My hope that you may find things I have done that can inspire you. Share with me in return! I am always ready to learn more 🙂


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