Flashback Friday 11.11.11

Today I am writing from Florida! We are taking time to celebrate our anniversary with all that Orlando has to offer. Fortunately, this is a flashback Friday, as I have many projects in which I can share with you. 🙂 Don’t you just love laptops?
Our home has this window in the guest room that is so pretty to look out of, but not great in keeping out the light for nap times or on summer evenings when the sun is out so much longer. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to cover the top portion of the window with out taking away the view of the lower portion.
I researched online to see what might be available and found that they actually make bay window curtain rods and all you have to do is measure the width of the window to find the correct size. They adjust to fine-tune the fit as well. You install them according to the directions (it is not hard at all) and then hang your curtain or valance. You can see the picture of what I did below.
Night …
Day …
I actually got a great deal for this valance as they were on Clearance at JCPenney’s. I was there to pick up the curtain rod and thought I would see what they had in stock. I scored big time as I only needed the two panels they had left and I love them!
I have to laugh that all the shades of the room are different depending on the time of day and how much natural sunlight is available. I can let the shades down as well but for these pics I left them up to enjoy the view. I love the gardens and big Pine Tree in the front yard!
I hope you all had a great Veterans Day and remembered to give thanks for all those soldiers who did so much (and are still doing today) to keep our homeland safe!

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