Slow Weekend? Time Change, goofs, and Cleaning

Tired? Me?

I think I am bordering on exhaustion! 🙂 Note to self … Little ones do not understand the meaning of time change, nor do their bodies! So I know what I was doing at 3:45 AM….  I am hoping you all were still in dreamland. Just for the record I would not give up any time with this precious one even tho sleep seems to evade us.
It has been frustrating for me as well as you, I am sure, with the dual postings. No worries, I think I now have it figured out so it will not be happening again. Sorry. But of course I am still playing around with the blog so there are no guarantees that something else won’t happen. Never a dull moment with me around. Oh, I do have the comment section fixed (I think) … so if you have something to say, feel free to leave a comment.
Other things…
It was my mistaken belief that I hid the Christmas presents well. Um, nope! The little one found one of  their gifts and we have been reading them ever since. At least I know they were a great idea. Now the other presents are wrapped and up high so no little one will be finding them. I have to laugh as they are being called “Birthday Presents”. 
I didn’t work at all on my “Under the Stairs Playhouse” but I did think about it a lot and I have a couple of ideas that I am excited to do.

And, Cleaning ….

You are going to think that I have lost it but seriously, this precious little one loves to clean, so clean we did! I was quickly cleaning my bathroom when I noticed that the faucets still were yucky. I am going out on a limb here but I am going to show a before photo. I am warning you …. YUCKY!

So I decided that while “the precious little one” was watching the Mickey Mouse Club, I had less than 30 min to clean them (and take pictures).

The first thing I did was remove the top ring.

Then you have to unscrew the screw in the middle.

Clean and then put it together again. Just so you can compare, I have one clean side and if you are not able to see the difference I may have to clean better or take better pictures!

So since I have two sinks, I cleaned fast and finished all 4 knobs before Mickey was singing his closing song which I sang and danced to with “Miss Precious”.

And all it took were these few tools. I used this product but in no way do I get paid or support it in any way. Just like the way it cleans. My opinion Only.

Before …

After !!!

I hope I did not bore you to much this time. Just in case you did not know how to clean these silly knobs I thought I would share.


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