Flashback Friday 11.4.11

It’s Friday, It’s Friday … Happy Happy Friday!

Why the annoying excitement so early in the morning? This weekend I am fortunate to have a little one with me, which means that I will only have time to show a small project. Making this one of my shorter posts 🙂

Long story very short, We moved into “our” new home 3 years ago. It is an amazing home with so much potential and Mr Man was under the impression that it was a ‘Move in Ready’ home. It kinda was. (Except all those little ideas I had in my head of what changes I wanted to make.)

It seems that the only thing that Mr Man did not like despised, were the outdoor lights on the garage. He called them “Hearse” Lights. We casually started looking around to see what was available and when we didn’t find anything that we liked we turned to the internet. Still could not find what we were looking for! Casual turned into “The Mission“.

Want to see the old lights? (Secretly, I didn’t like them either!)

(Notice the light sensor cover was broken out. Actually out of all 3 of them.)

You need to see the side view too. Wasn’t there a line in a movie that said, “I see dead people”? I think I see them too! *giggle*

Since we were thinking more in the way of lighting up the side house as well as down, we were more than disappointed that we could not find what we were looking for. At least that fit our taste. We did find these and I love them!

They really fit the outside of the home.  I love them so much, I turn them on in the morning when I wake up and turn them on at night just so everyone can enjoy them. 🙂 I know, I know, Silly me!

And just for good measure … We found something to hang on the house as well.

Soon to be replaced by a Christmas Wreath. 🙂 Mr Man and I are now super happy with our new lights. Have a great Friday and I am going to run and play with a little someone special!


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