Weekend visit to Texas

No work for me at home, although Mr. Man has been hard at work all weekend.  Lots and lots of leaves to pick up before winter, things to cover, and stuff to be put away before it snows.

It would be more fun if it was a shared project but this weekend I was away visiting a very special little boy for his birthday. Time with this little boy is precious and a priority so here I am, enjoying their warm weather and seeing the sights of Fall here in the South. We visited a Pumpkin patch …

We are almost there!

You have to see a Texas Longhorn, but at a Pumpkin Patch? Really?
And we can’t forget the goats! Ok, Yes everyone enjoyed feeding them.
(Sheep were not pictured as they preferred to stay anonymous)

Ah, yes, the pumpkin patch 🙂

We toured a firehouse with a bunch of little boys who were thrilled with seeing the Firemen and trucks. Boys and their trucks! I was so impressed by how nice these firemen were and how good they were with the kids. Then we had a party filled with laughter, squeals, and tears in the goodbyes. I believe it was a success!

This little “monkey” was the Honorary Fireman. He will be sorely missed as I go home tomorrow.
Blessings to this little family and love until we see each other again.


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