Who needs sleep anyway!

So, everyone has a super power. “One thing”, no matter what the circumstances, they can do. Mine? It is falling sleep. You slow me down and I can fall asleep anytime anywhere. (My mom still tells stories of me sleeping outside, on the sidewalk in front of our home, in the middle of the day. Did I mention that I lived in California at the time and not in a rural midwest town?) Rarely, have I had trouble falling asleep but, last night for some reason, I couldn’t fall asleep until 2 AM! I have had all day to ponder and I think I have it figured out. I have been reading blogs from my Texas daughter and soaking up every detail even tho she blogs about running. No offense, but not a particular interest of mine. I have subscribed to blogs I have found with similar interests in home improvement and in each case I find it is because I not only get information but I hear the passion in which they write. The reason (or spirit) behind the blog. That is what I want to do with mine. Share my “JOY” in doing what I do.

Just for the record, any ability that I have is GOD GIVEN! Yes, I am a believer. Even tho I won’t be sharing that aspect of my life on this blog I want it noted that the credit goes to Him.

My project for the day? Woo Hoo … I am starting my “Under the Stairs Playhouse” My goal is to have it finished by Christmas as a surprise for, you guessed it, a very loved little girl. It will be shared amongst my other loved grandchildren when they visit as well.

So just for fun … here is a sneak peak.

Just a note …
There are no little ones around so I am able to leave my tools out
as I work. Yay me!

These are just photos off my phone so you will have to wait until I am done to get the “How I did it”  photos from my camera.  That, and I need to charge my camera battery. Ooops.
Now to get some much needed sleep!
Goodnight world,

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