Wooden Window Planter Up-Cycle



Before the snow started to fly, it was this past summer LOL, I went to garage sales with my daughter.

I found a wooden window planter that was only $5.00.

That’s right! Just $5.00!!!

I have wanted to white wash something for a long time and I thought this would be a perfect piece to try it on.


It was weathered and needed a good sanding.

Even though I wanted it to be smoother, I wanted it to keep its slight rugged look.


I mixed 1/2 white paint and 1/2 water and gave it one coat.


I bought styrofoam, ivy, red and yellow flowers to compliment the color on the wall, and used a couple of decorator balls that I had left over from another project.


but …

I didn’t want the wall color to show through so Mr Man went to #Goodwill and bought a mirror for $3.00.

I attached the mirror with standard mirror holders and hung it on the wall.

I love a project that comes together without breaking the bank, don’t you?!


Hugs and make it a great day!







DIY shelf follow-up makes me smile!


 Nothing makes me happier, than seeing someone able to enjoy something I made!

Do you remember this?

{An easy DIY Shelf}

I made it for a friend, with her new last name,  for her wedding.


I got a follow-up photo yesterday from the bride as a thank you.

It is so fun to see the shelf being used!


Happy Monday!








In less than a week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and this year we have more than normal to be thankful for …


Via country living.com

We came out to California (both Mr Man and I were born and raised here) to visit my mom and our two youngest girls. It is almost too hard to remember why we came out. It seems like so long ago, although it has been just under two weeks. We hadn’t seen the girls in a while and my mom needed some help around her home … Think chores :) We had quite a list, but we were able to complete it between seeing family and friends.


It was on our last night here in California that our youngest blacked out and had a seizure. She was rushed to the ER, a brain bleed was suspected, and she was taken to a hospital an hour away where they had a neurosurgeon that would be able to see her right away. It was a long, long night and the diagnosis was a tumor on the brain, attached to the main vein that goes down the back of the head. The good news, in that moment, was that it was thought to be benign. She would be an “add on” surgery and the Surgeon was hoping it would happen the following day. It was a day of talking, crying, well wishes, and prayers going up for her surgery and recovery.


Tuesday, was a day of waiting … not knowing if and when her surgery would be. The minutes slowly ticked by and time was being drug ahead by the second hand. It was a day of wanting to do nothing but cry but needing to be strong for someone so young to be facing this surgery. I the afternoon she needed to move around, as she was stiff in bed, so I sent her on a walk around the floor with a family member. Within minutes, the room was filled with people and the flurry of getting things ready for her departure to surgery in 10 min.  I guess when a spot opens up, there is not much warning! She came back from her walk and was given the news that she would be taken into the OR prep room and in 30 minutes would enter into her surgery.


We were told to expect it to take 2 hours as the Neurosurgeon said he was “neurotically careful”. I liked hearing that, but when we were almost 3 hours of waiting I found myself getting nauseous and praying there was not a complication. It’s amazing what horrible things our minds can dream up! The surgeon met with the 4 of us who had been with her on this journey and told us the great news. He was successful in removing all that he could see. Now the healing would begin!!!


I was not prepared for the healing process, as all I could think about was getting her the medical help she needed. She is in pain and sleeping a lot, she has a drain coming out of the incision to relieve the brain of pressure that could build up, and there is quite the scar that someday will be covered up with hair again.


I spent the night with her in her room and I woke up early. So as I am typing, I am watching ‘Sleeping Beauty’ sleep and feeling so thankful! It was amazing to watch her get exceptional care for the time we knew there was a problem until now. The neurosurgeon was skilled and comforting in his knowledge of her tumor. We were able to have 4 close family members here so that there has never been a time that she has had to be alone. It was a blessing to Mr Man and I, to be out here in California at this precise time. Our bosses have been supportive of us needing to take extra time off and not having to worry about that piece of our lives. We have felt supported through prayers, texts, phone calls, and even Facebook.


Thanksgiving is less than a week away and our hearts are thankful for this outcome. We pray that you and your family have much to be thankful for as well!


 Bj and Mr Man

Time Change


Don’t forget!!!! Have an amazing Autumn weekend

Happy Halloween!


I am not a Halloween girl but I do love to look at all the creative costumes. I remember being a ghost made from an old sheet with two eyes cut out. (That one nearly killed me from tripping on the length as I ran or stepped up on a curb) or dressing as a hobo, using my dad’s old clothes rubbed with charcoal. Imagination and being poor meant free candy if you could get to lots of homes before your curfew. Moms and Dads didn’t go with you but your older siblings were told to watch over you. They never did. I spent most of my evening running to stay up with my 3 older siblings. Before we could eat any of our bounty we had to take it to urgent care and X-ray it to make sure there were no “tricks” inside. Growing up in Cali was not always the greatest. Once we had the all clear that there were no razor blades or other harmful paraphernalia, we were allowed to dig in.

It is no wonder I am not a Halloween girl! I AM a Fall girl … Here is my fall pumpkin in honor of all of you who love this holiday.

Be safe!!!!

An Autumn porch … Welcome Fall!

Wow …

How did ‘Fall’ get here so quickly?!

Our household is so busy right now, but I took a few minutes to take down the summer decor and get my ‘fall’ on.


September is almost gone and October is just around the corner.

My Fall chore list is L.O.N.G!

Is yours?


Mums, my favorite autumn flower, is a staple of my decor this time of year!


Every day, until cold weather hits, we will be working on our list.

Hugs and Happy Autumn,


Personalizing and making a simple DIY shelf



Most of the time,

I see things that I store in my mind for future use.

Something that I like,

and I say to myself … ”I can make that!”.


It comes in handy when I need an idea for an upcoming wedding.

One for a co worker who loves Pinterest and making things herself.

Who doesn’t love something with your new last name on it?!


Ideas in my head get written down on whatever is handy.

In this case it was a scrap piece of paper.

List of supplies

2 ft 1×4 (top of shelf)

2 ft 1×6 (back of shelf)

2 – 2 ft 1×1 (for spacer pieces)

2 ft trim piece

2 ft molding

‘Power Grab’ (to adhere each piece before nailing)

Thin hardboard that I cut into squares for name





Ok, this seems like quite a list, but for DIYers most of these things, you have on hand around the house anyway!


I first tried two 1x4s but knew that wouldn’t work. It would not give me enough room to make the letters big enough.

Hence, a 1×6 for the back piece.


Next I cut the 1×1′s and laid them on the top and bottom of the 1×6.

(I did not permanently adhere them yet)


Next, I cut and placed the wood trim on top, of the top spacer.

(This is what will hold the letters in place)


The only thing left, to finish the shelf, is to pick the molding.

I happened to have 2 types left over from previous projects.


The first one I tried … looked to ornate for the look I am going for.

Her wedding is a bit country and she likes the whitewashed look.


The next one was just right!


Now the fun part of putting it all together!

Have you noticed my work space is once again outside?

Ok, focus! ;)

I used a small amount of Power Grab on each piece and then used my finishing nail gun to put it all together.

It goes together VERY quickly!!!

I sanded all the rough edges and sprayed a coat of primer on it.


Paint a coat of whatever shade of paint you want to use.

In my case, I used white so the Bride could use it in any room she chose.

I also knew I was going to stain the wood letters and the contrast would really help it stand out!


While the shelf was drying, I did math.

Mr Man and I did math.

Mr Man did the math. :)

I needed to make my letters 4×4 since I had 2 ft and 6 letters to make.

If I had to make a name with a long last name I would have made it on one long piece.

If it was short, I would have made it with a design or blank spaces on the ends. 


Sand everything smooth and stain in the shade you like.


Here is where you get to laugh at me …

I thought I would just run downstairs and use my Silhouette to make letters and stick them on.

Easy peasy.


They didn’t stick to the wood as the stain had not thoroughly dried.

Seriously? I am on a roll and now this!

I really wish I had a branding iron. Now that would look cool and very country!

I checked around to make sure I could dumpster dive without the neighbors or Mr Man thinking I had lost my mind.

You see … the silhouette cut out that I used, could still be used to stencil on letters.


I went back and forth making the letters and putting on an extra coat of paint on the shelf, and by the time the letters were finished, the paint was dry!

Let’s put it all together!


A fun and easy project that is personalized.

I could see making a piece of wood that said “Happy Thanksgiving”,  ”Merry Christmas”,

or in the event of a new addition to the family … well, you get the idea!

I hope you have a great Monday!




Not just ‘Labor Day’

Today, 33 years ago, I gave birth to my first born.

A son.

Who is now living in another state …

and missed VERY much!


So today, as we celebrate Labor Day …

I also celebrate this important day in our family!

Happy Birthday, Bud!

A Day at the Minnesota Zoo …

We all have our favorite places to visit.

Mine? Just happens to be at the Minnesota Zoo with a very special ‘little’!


This beautiful water park in the middle of the Zoo …

was made with the help of this ‘little’s’ daddy.

That’s right! We are proud of Daddy!!!!


In no particular order, I hope you enjoy the photos of not only the animals but of me, my amazing daughter, and her ‘little’.


New Bear Exhibit


This guy is hanging out in the sludgy water. Yuck!




Never too old to go down a slide!



My favorite animal photo of the day!!!





I may be toast for including this photo ;)




Our Minnesota Moose


Shhhh, the kitty is sleeping  … don’t you just want to take him home with you?!




“Three Generations”


We hope you had a great Monday!